2018 AMM

Chief of Staff of the Army GEN McConville imparts wisdom to the attendees of the 46th AMM in Crystal City Virginia.

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47th AMM

October 22 – 25, 2019 – Fort Campbell, KY

Annual Meeting Of Members

Meet with fellow Warrant Officers, Military and Industry leaders to shape the future of the Warrant Officer Cohort, and the United States Army. During the conference we set legislative priorities, present reports from the regions, and elect new leadership at national and regional levels. We also present both chapter and individual awards including the Honorable Eagle Rising. 

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Peerless WOPD – Opportunities to Participate In Shaping Our Future!

                The 47th AMM will be conducted from 22-25 October, on Fort Campbell, at Cole Park Commons (at 101st Airborne Division Road, Bldg 1610, Fort Campbell, KY  42223).  The theme will be “The Next 100 Years: Into the Future.”

                As in recent years, we are proud to offer perhaps the greatest opportunity for interactive WOPD, mentorship, and fellowship in our history.  The Warrant Officer Cohort – and the Army it serves – are at a crucial point of change in mission-focus, as we continue to shift from a period of almost exclusive concentration on counterinsurgency operations, to an emphasis on preparation for conflict with peer/near-peer adversaries.

                This shift has major implications for our future as Warrant Officers.  At the 47th AMM – in a series of important briefings and professional panel discussions – these will be discussed by senior Army leaders and numerous members of our senior Warrant Officer leadership team, from across all three COMPOS.  Don’t miss this opportunity to participate in shaping our future, as we enter our second Warrant Officer Century!

                There will of course be a variety of wonderful evening social events at the 47th AMM, providing attendees the opportunity for fellowship and professional networking – including the 47th Annual Banquet and Ball on the evening of 25 October. 

                To read more about some of the events this year, read the August 2019 Newsliner (at August 2019 NEWSLINER).  It includes an article by our National President, the meeting agenda, and other important information.  To sign up for the meeting, do the following: